Buccal Fat Removal Overview

Buccal Fat Removal, also known as buccal lipectomy or cheek reduction, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the fullness of one's cheeks. During the procedure, excess fatty tissue located in the cheeks is removed and reshaped to create a more contoured look. The surgery can be done under local anesthesia and typically takes less than an hour to complete. Following the surgery, patients may experience swelling and some minor discomfort in the treatment area. The results of buccal fat removal can be seen almost immediately after the procedure is completed and will continue to improve as any residual swelling subsides. The results are typically long-lasting; however, further treatments may be needed as the patient ages. Buccal fat removal is a safe and effective procedure for those looking to reduce the fullness of their cheeks for a more contoured look.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal

More sculpted and contoured face: The procedure eliminates fat from the cheeks, making them appear slimmer and providing a sharper jawline. This helps to enhance the overall facial aesthetic for a more youthful and attractive look.

Increased confidence: After Buccal Fat Removal, many patients report feeling more confident in their appearance and being filled with joy when they look in the mirror.

Long-lasting effects: The results of Buccal Fat Removal are permanent, allowing you to enjoy your newly sculpted cheeks without needing any additional treatments or maintenance over time. Additionally, there is very little downtime associated with this procedure so that you can resume your regular activities soon after the procedure.

What does a Buccal Fat Removal procedure entail?

A Buccal Fat Removal procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient setting. During the procedure, a small incision is made inside of the patient’s mouth near the cheek area and excess fat tissue is removed with a specialized instrument, such as forceps or liposuction. After the fat has been extracted, sutures are used to close the area and may need to be removed 7-10 days after the surgery. Recovery from Buccal Fat Removal typically takes around 3-5 days, but can vary depending on individual factors such as age and health.

What is the recovery for a Buccal Fat Removal ?

The recovery from a Buccal Fat Removal procedure is typically very quick and easy. Most patients are able to resume their normal activities within 24 hours of the surgery, although it may take up to a week for swelling and bruising to resolve completely. The patient should have minimal scarring after the procedure. In addition, patients usually experience only a mild amount of discomfort after the procedure. The majority of patients report that they were able to return to work within two days of the surgery. Since this is considered an outpatient procedure, there is no need for an overnight hospital stay. However, it is important to follow all post-operative instructions.

Am I a good candidate for Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fat removal is a surgical procedure that may be right for those who have prominent cheeks and excess fat in the area that isn't responsive to diet or exercise. Buccal fat removal can provide more definition to the face, resulting in a thinner, well-defined appearance. Ideal candidates are generally adults between the ages of 18 and 65 who have healthy facial tissue and do not have any underlying medical conditions that could affect their ability to heal properly.

Learn More About a Buccal Fat Removal

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